The Langmann
from Tuscany and Nurnberg


Crede quod potes et potes
(Believe that you can, and you can)


Nürnberger Family Book from the year 1550 including all the Nürnberger families who once sat as senators on the city state council, and among these also the Langmenn and the families to whom they were all closely related by marriage.*)  

(Geschlechts Buch deß Heiligen Reichs Stat Nürnberg 1610;
Johann Kahler, 1564-1638)

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Revolution in Nurnberg in the year 1348

(by Rudy Langmann)


'Big Head' Bulow, the Fire and the Holy Blood
Bulow, the fisherman, and the Sunken Castle
Three brothers
Ode to Nuremberg (by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
Das Lied vom Herrn von Falckenstein (Goethe)
Brief History of Hansestadt Rostock (by Rudy Langmann)
Our Earliest Human Ancestors
What did I get?
Where are we?
First Langmenn in North America (Just Langmann)
Map Drawer
A couple of Brainteasers
Tales from Old Mecklenburg (by Carl Langmann)
Till Eulenspiegel and the Nurnberg Watch
The Wager with the Devil - A Nuremberg Legend
The famous Nurnberger Funnel
The Pintz Kussn
Count Christian
Corfitz Ulfeldt in Basel (by Rudy Langmann)
Liberalism in 19th century Germany (Peter Langmann)
Ebner Family
Die Langenmantel aus Augsburg


Maseko of the Zulus
Family Album
German-Jewish Surnames
The Waitz Family
Astor Bloodline
Astor Family

Beginning of a city (translated from J.P.Priem's 'Nurnberger Sagen' )
... and how it grew
Ioannes Langmann: Born abt. Anno 980 in Lombardy (Legend)
When a Langmann went Viking Anno 1018
Valquard Langmann: The Queen's Paramour ? Anno,1353
Nicklas Langmann :Imperial Matchmaker, Anno 1452

The Macrander-Langemann Connection


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Nurnberger Medieval Families

Family reunion on Bowen Island, July 2007, celebrating the 100th birthday of Inger Langmann

'If I knew the world was going to end tomorrow, I would still be planting an apple tree today.' (Anonymous)

*) On the distaff side the Nürnberger Langmenn were related to the Ebner, the Catterbeck, the Fürer, the Mendel, the Muffel, the Neuenmarkt, the Pfinzing, the Pilgrams von Eyb, the Schmugenhofe , the Staubert, the Teufel, the Vorchtel and the Zenner families. On the sword side to the Behaim, the Eysvogel, the Steiner and the Wolffert.




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