The Fisherman and the Sunken Castle

Near Stintenburg stood in years long gone by a castle. Today the place is called ‘Borgstedenort’ (Place of the burg). It is said that the castle was enchanted and had disappeared into the water. Often fishermen have seen a mysterious light rising at midnight from the bottom of the lake. The glare comes from the many lights burning behind the windows of the sunken castle.

It is further said that in the lake there lives a stoneage-old pike whose body is totally covered with a thick growth of moss. In his mouth he carries a key with which the castle can be opened. When a fisherman named Buelow catches the pike and gets hold of the key, the castle will once again rise from the deep. The angler can then open the doors and step inside. What he finds will then belong to himself.

(‘Der schweigsame Fischer und andere Volkssagen’; Folktales from Mecklenburgi, translated by Rudolf Langmann)